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BONNIE william
Jun 30, 2021
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Books, no matter which genre is known as good sources for information. Be it a motivational book or an executive business book. You read them for some knowledge and extra information. As we all know the ghostwriter business is expanding rapidly. We can see more books are being published over time. With the marketplace being complex, it calls for great quality as well. Coming onto the question motivational books and executive business books are not summarized as comic books. They are three different genres in total and each genre involves a different theme so they are different from one another. Besides that, comic books involve characters to explain a story, there is a more descriptive and fascinating tinge added to the books and that makes a different genre altogether. However, motivational books are more about persuading the audiences. People who want to need some lessons and a code of conduct to move forward read motivational books. There are ghostwriting services for motivational books as well. Moreover, if we talk about business books then we should know they involve everything related to business strategies. For a person who is starting their own business or maybe a person who is willing to read other’s business insights for information. It is great for all. All in all, comic books are different and none of the above-mentioned genres correlate with either of them. The genres can have a gist of comic elements but they can never solely be summarized under the comic books category.
BONNIE william
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